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  portfolio drawings shows
EXPO - Metropolitan Tilburg
EXPO - Bauchhund Berlin 2019

EXPO - Japen! Breda
Wall drawing - 'We're so pretty'
EXPO - Drie Wijven & Swarth
EXPO - Landshut DE
EXPO - Bauchhund Berlin 2014
EXPO - Wildwechsel Hamburg
Shabby Art That Falls Apart
is made with cheap materials and objets trouvés
in particular disposables
Thus the unsightly, the squalid, gets a second life
in absurd, vulnerable collages and dark ‘Dirt Drawings’
that reflect on western society
They question the notions of artistic value and beauty
    Click on the thumbnails for recent 3D assemblies.
3D assemblies are made out of 'objets trouvés',
rubbish i found in the streets.
All works are for sale.
If you're interested contact me via nick(at)swarth(dot)nl
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Das Narrenschiff Toyboy I Already Fed The Bird Ceci est une bouteille
Collecting Memories (w/ Smell-O-Rama) The Europe We Deserve The Original Stooges Kapuznik (Selbstporträt als Revoluzzer) Bibi's Got A Boner
    Click on the thumbnails below for recent 'dirt drawings'.
'Dirt drawings' are made on scrap paper,
sheets that i picked up in the streets.
The imprint of citylife becomes part of the art.
All drawings are for sale.
If you're interested contact me via nick(at)swarth(dot)nl

In this portfolio you'll find older works, 3d assemblies,
small drawings & dirt drawings. Click and open.
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Corona Virus (Artist Impression) Corona Extra (Designated Survivor) Corona Schmorona Fanlcub Because I'm Worth It That Day In Wuhan Shop Or Drop
Trans Dans Liedje van de dag My Action Assessment Report Shopping I Wear Dead People (French Kiss) I Wear Dead People (Mohamed) Jay
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Queen of Filth & Doggie Doodah
35 x 28.5
Scrap metal, press-buton, eyeliner & tar on scrap wood
signed on back

€ 200 (make my day)

Larry the Lorry Goes to War (Tangerine Nightmare)
35 x 28.5
Scrap wood, scrap metal, scrap paper, tangerine, cd shard
signed on back

€ 200 (make my day)

    Shows in 2023
* Metropolitan Museum | Tilburg ('Never Stare Into The Eyes Of A Chicken' w/ Abe Partridge |||||)
* Coulange-sur-Yonne, Frankrijk (solo-exhibition 'Dirt Drawings')
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    Shows in 2019 + 2020
* Metropolitan Museum | Tilburg (group-exhibition 'Corona Extra')
* Voorheen Antoon de Jong, Tilburg (group-exhibition 'Kunstenaar in de kast')
* Metropolitan Museum | Tilburg (solo-exhibition 'Schmuddelsprudel')
* Bauchhund Berlin ('Selbstbildnis als Revoluzzer', solo-exhibition)
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Metropolitan Museum | Tilburg Externe link naar expositie Benefiet voor Brabant 2020
    Shows in 2016 + 2017 + 2018
* Galerie Drift, Breda (group-exhibition 'Japen!')
* Nwe Vorst (Horror Vacui w/ Jeroen de Leijer)
* Stadsgalerij, Breda (group-exhibition 'Drie Wijven & Swarth')
* Gust van Dijk (group-exhibition 'Belrose Highlights', pop-up expo)
'Drie Wijven & Swarth', groepsexpositie in Breda anno 2017  
  top | shabby Shows in 2014 + 2015
* Artspace Flipside (group-exhibition w/ Tilburg cartoonists)
* Landshut (duo-exhibition w/ Michiel van de Zanden)
* Artspace Flipside (group-exhibition 'AK47')
* IDFX Breda (solo-exhibition)
* Bauchhund Berlin (duo-exhibition w/ Ciska Jansen)
More on the Bauchhund show in Berlin Shabby Art That Falls Apart @ IDFX Breda Group exhibition @ Artspace Flipside Eindhoven Austellung in Landshut Deutschland Group exhibition @ Artspace Flipside Eindhoven
    Shows in 2006
* Wildwechsel Hamburg (group exhibition)
Read more about Wildwechsel in Hamburg    
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