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From The Battlefield is an artistic program between Ukraine and the Netherlands that amplifies the direct testimony of those who evidence the war in Ukraine and those who are fighting to protect freedom and hope. To understand the situation we offer the practice of direct dialogue, as an exhibition and a series of public talks that will let to know the real situation and to gain more knowledge about Ukrainian culture. We focus on the strength of making small decisions of dignity and freedom when also sacrificing for victory in the circumstances of war.

Cultivating small and fragile experiences that help individuals and communities live through inhumane conditions (these experiences grow into volunteering, crowdfunding and self-organized initiatives) can be as significant as earning the world's solidarity attention or receiving material and tactical support.

The programme is supported by Culture of Solidarity Foundation, Mondriaan Funds, Goethe Insitute. Location partners: LocHal, De Pont Museum and Cinecitta. Curator: Maria Vtorushina.

    Artists: Katya Buchatska, Konstyantyn Doroshenko, Alevtina Kakhidze, Sasha Kurmaz,
Evelien van der Peijl, Yulia Protsyshyn, Chantal Rens, Nick J. Swarth, Leo Trocenko,Tamara Turliun,
Andrei Liashcuk, Roos Vogels, Chikako Watanabe.
13 - 23 July, SEA Foundation. Exhibition ______________________
13 July 2022, LocHal ______________________
19:30 Curators’ talk and Katya Buchatska foreword. 19:45 (im)pressing process. Artist talk.
20:00 Why the rainbow doesn't fit in the bear's mouth. A performance titled 'And nail polish is my weapon'
Dutch title: 'En nagellak is mijn wapen - waarom de regenboog niet past in de bek van de beer'
by Nick J. Swarth, Kostyantyn Doroshenko. Music by Max Swagemakers______________________

14 July 2022, LocHal ______________________
19:30 Introduction. 19:45 One day you will grow back your thumb. Tamara Turliun, Chantal Rens.
20:00 Seeds of Europe. Performance. Alevtina Kakhidze with Roos Vogels ______________________

21 July 2022, De Pont Museum ______________________
18:00 Katya Buchatska and Leo Trocenko artists’ talk ______________________
22 July 2022, Cinecittà, Screening ______________________
19:00 - 21:00 “Homewards”, director Nariman Aliev ______________________
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